Bademlik Thermal Hotel & Spa project has come to life as a contemporary interpretation of a local architecture and the historical fabric of Odunpazari. This complex, located in the district of Odunpazarı, was constructed within a wooded area, taking into account the position of existing trees and without damaging the natural environment. The complex includes a spa and a well-being center surrounded by accommodation units.

This 5 star complex contains a lobby , conference hall, multi-purpose halls , ballrooms , thermal baths and a SPA, a health center, a fitness center, swimming pools, a bar & restaurant, retail units , management and administrative offices, indoor and outdoor parking areas. The hotel has also a total of 163 rooms which are Standard , Premium, Junior suite, penthouse, Executive suite, and Bungalow.

Sunken into the ground to take full advantage of the site’s geothermal qualities, and with a pool and sunbathing terrace on its roof, the SPA and well-being center bathed in natural light from the domed windows on top of the terrace.

ZKLD aimed to ensure the natural interaction between day and night in the lighting design concept in order to highlight the features of the architecture that has a great daylight during availability during daytime. A natural and quiet lighting is planned for the interiors. For this purpose, the facade lighting is provided by the interior light emitted from the skylights. As a result, for facade lighting, there aren’t any lighting fixtures used outside of the building.

The lobby that is lit by daylight during daytime by the architectural opening while it is illuminated from above by track lights integrated to the structure. By this way, both the lobby general lighting and the emphasis by narrow-angle spot lights on trees are provided. The natural process between day and night has been carried into the building by the “moonlight” illumination effect of the trees.

Designed with monochrome colors and wood materials, the SPA’s lighting aimed to ensure a calming effect which is provided by 2700- 3000K color temperature light sources. General lighting is provided by concealed lighting and supported with the decorative lighting. The lighting fixtures which contribute to the interior design visually also provide different lighting alternatives for the users. A special detail has been developed for the double-sided window located in the ramp that connects the Spa to the lobby. This detail that allows a homogenous light fill these areas, was made without destroying the transparency of the windows and decreasing the daylight emitted into the building,. Thus, this area provides a lighting experience both from the outside and within the ramp.