Hilton Hampton Hotel

Hilton group gathered up 5-star and 3-star hotels concepts under 2 different brands: Hilton and Hampton Hotels in Bursa as first hotel group in Turkey.

The Hilton&Hampton Hotels can be easily perceived from different parts of the city during the day as well as at night due to its location. Therefore, the lighting design concept aims to create a link in between the night and day appearance of the two buildings.

The main concept is focused on architectural details. The outline border of the building is accentuated by light to support its strong features. The triangular roof form and oval-shaped spire are also highlighted to emphasize the geometry of the building. The linear recessed lighting fixtures and marker lights are integrated to the road in order to welcome and orient people.

Special luminaires are chosen in the guest rooms to provide visual comfort and support ergonomics. For sustainability and energy efficiency, all the architectural lighting fixtures in the rooms consist of LED light sources while the decorative fixtures consist of compact fluorescent ones. The controls of interior lighting in the public spaces of both hotels are connected to an automation system. This brings flexibility to the lighting design of the project since various lighting scenarios for each space can be created easily.

  • Location

    Bursa, Turkey

  • Architect

    Mustafa Mermer - MMA Architects

  • Interior Design

    Sinan Kafadar, Aslı Arıkan Dayıoğlu - Metex Design

  • Status



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