Zeki Kadirbeyoğlu


Who is Zeki Kadirbeyoğlu?

Zeki Kadirbeyoğlu is Turkey’s leading architectural lighting designer for over 30 years of experience. After co-founded Total Lighting INC. and worked as head of design for 17 years, he founded ZKLD Light Design Studio in İstanbul.

Within the field of lighting, his team’s scope comprises the lighting design, product design and consultancy services for a wide variety of projects; including offices, retails, congress centers, museums, hotels, landscapes, facades, private homes, restaurants and urban master plans. 

Mr. Kadirbeyoğlu is a member of the Turkish National Committee on Illumination (ATMK), and a professional member of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD). He has always been prominent among the lighting design and architectural community. He has been a speaker at many national and international universities, conferences and events including PLDC 2013, ILDC 2013, Designers with Light Forum 2015 and LuxLive Middle East 2016.

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