Khan Shatyr

The Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, highest peak on the skyline of Astana, is a civic focal point for the capital of Kazakhstan and it is a delighting and attractive space with its entertainment areas. The lighting concept is based on differentiating spaces from each other and defining zones. Each zone concerning games and attractions with various themes were focused individually.Contrasts in brightness andcolor changing lighting effects accentuate eye-catching features of the architecture.

The entrance area is highlighted with directional warm-white narrow-beam halogen spotlights accentuating the both sides of escalators creatinga gloomy ambience emphasizing the hospitality and magnificence of the ‘entertainment stage’. The ceiling above the entrance platform creates a starry sky effect with led light sources.

Within this project, for facade lighting , there isn’t any lighting fixtures outside of the building. Because of the building structure, the transperent tent which is made of etfe, interior illumination is emmited to outside. Various lighting scenenarios made possible using DMX control system and a dynamic color progression is applied for connect’ng tripods with entertainment areas.


    Bodrum / Turkey


    Foster and Partners


    Linea Tusavul Architecture, Erdal Tusavul, Gültekin Architecture




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