This class A office building holds a gold LEED certificate. Besides the lighting design of the building, ZKLD played an important role in providing consultancy for required illumination levels and reporting necessary calculations for the LEED points to be gained.

Lighting design of the building is simple yet elegant to support the night time image of the architecture. The relationship of the cold and warm facade materials which are wood and metal, is highlighted by washing thewood panels with warm color temperature light sources and creating lighting effects on the metal meshes with cool color temperature point light sources. By this way, the movement and material diffeenttion on the exterior of the building is emphasized. The luminaires above the entrancecanopy provide homogeneous ilumination on the facade and highlight the entrance, building’s form and layers on the façade.

The courtyard, providing a relaxation area for the users, has a comforting lighting design in order to provide a warm and cozy atmosphere with 3000K light sources. In order to highlight the separation of the wooden floor and the grass, linear concealed lighting is used under the sides of the floor. Short bollards are located at the circulation areas to provide an illuminated comfortable pathway. Built-in flowerpots, which are designed with seating units, include trees and grass and are lit to provide emphasis both on the grass area as well as on trees.