Sipopo Congress Center

The builing’s architecture represents local values and innovative systems. Besides its architectural significance, the project is also important in terms of lighting design by being the first congress hall illuminated using highpower LED light sources. To specify the architectural characteristics, ZKLD lighting design studio focused on light and shadow balance while creating the lighting design concept. The transparency of the building is supported and also protected by the semi-transparent lacy textured metal mesh cladding. This system performs as a shading device and grants a shady interior without preventing its transparency. Sunlight entering the building creates a dramatic effect during the day while artificial light emitted from the interior through the mesh façade creates a soft and balanced effect at night.

The focal point of the architecture is the rectangular shaped conference hall with a circular seating design. By taking this arrangement into consideration, lighting design of the space emphasizes the geometry of the hall. Recessed luminaires which are dimmable and have two different light beam angles are carefully chosen in order to provide the necessary lux levels on vertical surfaces with low unified glare ratio for HD television shoots.

The three dimensional timber walls of the restaurant are uniquely designed with reference to local sources and are illuminated to highlight the depth and the sensation of the natural materials.


    Malabo Equatorial / Guinea


    Tabanlıoğlu Architects Congress Center, Restaurant




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