The manufacturing building of the company TaeguTec is located in Gebze. The general architectural concept of the building is designed by Tago Architecture and it is detailed by Nest Architecture. The building is located in the industrial district and its architecture outshines while the lighting design supports its characteristics.

The conference hall volume that is separated architecturally from the main mass is the most attractive part of the building. The pool area, beneath this mass is illuminated and emphasized with linear fixtures in order to support the illusion of the conference hall volume floating in the air. The entrance pathway is illuminated with concealed linear lighting placed in slot details on the risers of the stairs and the built-in flowerpots.In the interiors, lighting is designed to be pure and integrated within the architecture. The triangular barrisol ceiling above the entrance area has differentiated this area while letting it come forward and become a spacious area. In order to support the circulation of the users, linear fixtures are used.

The conference e hall, which was the most important place for the client, is designed with a special detail. Linear slots on the ceiling that follow the layout of the seats include both concealed and pendant luminaires in order to provide different lighting scenarios. The profiles that are used as step lighting provide required illumination levels for circulation.