Hitting out for a boutique store concept, the store of Vakko offers service for its customers in Aqua Florya Shopping Mall. Following the boutique concept of Vakko, the lighting design supports the idea of space fluidity in the store, coming up with a modest but remarkable space definition. The trimless recessed fixtures on the ceiling highlight the products creating a dramatic identity for the store area. Another important issue taken into consideration is the accurate perception of the color of the products. The in-store perceived color of the product should be the same with the color of the products on the outside, preferably under daylight. For this reason, lighting fixtures with a color rendering index of 80 and more were used all over the store for a precise perception. The lighting design idea developed for the showcase lighting aims to hide the lighting fixtures as much as possible bringing the mannequins to the fore as a focal point. Narrow beam uplight fixtures placed in the podests aims to feature the mannequins dropping their shadows on the background to come up with a dramatic effect. Showcases that exhibit products placed in boxes are illuminated using white linear dynamic lighting fixtures with DMX controllers washing the wooden surfaces. In different seasons with different climatic conditions the color temperature of the fixtures changes accordingly with the air temperature.