Bomontiada (Bomonti Island) is an enclosed city campus that features live music, performance arts, exhibition spaces and coherence activities. These functions are accompanied by green spaces, restaurants, a concert hall and a microbrewery – a space dedicated to the memory of the former function of the campus as a beer factory, with contiguous beer gardens. Alt (Art space), Babylon (Concert hall), ticket hall, entrance corridor, courtyard and Kilimanjaro (Restaurant) are the areas where lighting design is developed and implemented. The lighting design concept is shaped in accordance with the multipurpose infrastructure of Bomontiada. The flexibility of scenarios throughout the project is contemplated in order to highlight the combination of modern themes which adhered and featured prior architecture. A dramatical atmosphere and a reflection of the dynamism of the overall space are obtained by using accent and graze lighting. Gobo lights and RGB lighting fixtures are chosen to enhance the character of the space. Newly developed details for certain areas contribute to the project’s unique and innovative approach.