“La Biennale Architettura Venezia” (The 15th International Architectural Biennale, Venice) which is being held for the 15th time in 2016 hosts Turkey for the second time with the “Darzana” project in the Turkish Pavillion. “Darzana” project consists of 450 old vessel pieces that has a range of 2 kg to 5 kg of weight. All the pieces are suspended from the ceiling in different lengths by the help of steel cords, to imitate a ship shape that cruises at loose ends. The lighting design project depends on the idea of creating a dramatic effect on the vessel pieces while keeping the steel cords in the dark to emphasize the perception of solid-void relationship. In this sense, both in terms of registering the desired effect and protecting the historic texture of the pieces, narrow beam smooth glare and spill-light fixtures are used along with honeycomb caps to be able to control the light as much as possible. The design period starts with calculating the lux levels in digital environment to decide upon the type and number of fixtures that will be used in the project. In the proceeding step, a mock-up was settled in Haliç Shipyard to determine the exact location and direction of each fixture. At last, the mock-up settlement was applied on the project in the biennale area which forms the final step of the project.