The Congress Center is a multi-use urban structure. The center promotes and presents diverse social and cultural values of Anatolia with the integrated participation of the public. Therefore, lighting of the exterior and the landscape attract the passerby and let them get involved in this public node. The welcoming attitude of the building is enhanced with the large screen above the main entrance plaza that increases the interest of the public.

Under a gigantic flat roof, separate volumes housing various functions and performance capacities unite through their lobbies that link to each other flexibly and interactively. The ceiling under the roof structure is designed to be a luminous plane that connects the different facilities underneath. The walls of these facilities are washed to emphasize the solid volumes and make them perceived through the transparent facade.

To avoid direct sunlight and to enliven the façade with reference to its Seljuk heritage, an external skin is created around the community centre. They provide shading as well as an aesthetically pleasing light and shadow effect during the day. Likely, since the metal panels are lit with LED light sources which are placed in every 4 panels, light diffusing through the embroidery of the mesh generate a playful light and shadow effect in the interior space creating a mysterious and lively atmosphere during the night.

Overall, the emphasis on the form of structure is provided by concealed and technical lighting which allowed the architecture come forward by establishing the relationship of forms and functions. In general, LED light sources are preferred to create light and color effects efficiently. The relationship between the interior and the exterior is highlighted by means of lighting design. This allowed the building to become a synergetic urban stage that is integrated with its urban and historical context.