Istanbul Tower 205

The building is located in a commercial area, surrounded by residential neighborhoods. The immediate surroundings include a busy highway, high-rise office towers, shopping centers, and a high-rise residential building. This building will have the ‘LEED Gold’ certification; therefore, the designs evolve around environmentally friendly and economic solutions. The exterior and interior lighting are designed to create a visually attractive environment which will differentiate the building from its surroundings to promote its commercial values. Lighting features will enhance the architectural elements (Such as the diamond shaped fins on the façade) and the landscape, and the overall lit appearance will reflect the aspirations to create a contemporary, elegant and inviting central development based in the metropolitan area of Istanbul.

  • Location

    Levent, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Architect

    Som Architect

  • Client

    Zincir Yapı A.S

  • Type


  • Size

    224.000 m²

  • Status



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