Skyland İstanbul

Skyland Towers which is located next to the Tem highway is a mixed-use project. It contains 3 Towers and a base where; tower 1 consists of offices, tower 2 consists of residences and tower 3 consists of a hotel and the base is a shopping mall. The height and magnificence of the towers are accentuated by horizontal linear lighting fixtures located on the front sides of the balconies. In order to have a similar lighting language with the other towers , the lighting of the office tower is connected to a central lighting control system. Even though the office will not be used at night, the automation of the lighting prevents the tower from appearing dark compared to the other towers. The hotel tower’s facade is illuminated by vertical linear fixtures whereas others are illuminated horizontally in order to to create a contrast and hierarchy among the functions.

  • Location

    Istanbul, Turkey

  • Architect

    Broadway Malyan and Tago Architects

  • Type


  • Status



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