Nikki Beach Bodrum

Located on a spectacular peninsula of Bodrum, chained-brand Nikki Beach Torba is a 76 room resort hotel. The hegemony of calm and rural ambiance of the location has a direct influence on the developed architecture and lighting design principles. In this regard, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions are implemented in contributory to the overall natural atmosphere. The dynamism of the organic theme of the project is enhanced by appropriate lighting decisions. By using accent, flood and graze lighting in RGB colors, different areas are highlighted on the site. Guidance is provided through correctly oriented lighting fixtures. The equilibrium of light and shadow is used to create a dramatic effect in certain zones of the project.

  • Location

    Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey

  • Architect

    Gad & Gökhan Avcıoğlu

  • Client

    Adilbey Holding

  • Size

    27.200 m²

  • Status


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