Dakar Congress Center

Typical geography and the natural values has been the inspiration for the project; Baobab trees of Senegal are distinctive with their enormous girth, they live over a thousand years, so that they have been important landmarks in Senegal’s dry savanna plain. Surrounding water element and the girth of the masses of the project refer to the resource values. In history, kings were crowned beneath a tree, parley with envoys beneath the shadowy leaves and branches and trees mark the central public squares of polities; like being sheltered by an ancient monumental tree, the one piece roof of the project encases the building stacks, and guards each construction dedicated to a special function against weather conditions like direct sunbeams and wind. The units of the complex connected via water and bridges linking the separate blocks. The rectangular blocks are nested in a metal envelop, twisted blades forming the texture of the mesh screen behaves like sun break and grants a shady interior without hindering the accent of transparency. Through the placement of panels in variations at different angles, the façade is playful, glittering with day light, and reflecting on the surrounding water element, floating expression of the building becomes a dramatic illustration on the landscaped pool. Entering the complex is made possible at all sides, highly secured presidential entrance is on the north-east, and main entrance is on south-east concluding the promenade, the major axis. Presidential entrance directs to the main conference hall, a rectangular space at the first floor, 1500 delegates gather where presidents face the audience from the stage. An executive meeting room for 75 presidents is at the first floor and connects to VIP restaurant situated above the museum. VIP is a separate block linked to the main hall via transparent connection bridge; around the conference hall backstage, there are lobbies, lounges, Experts hall and VIP rooms. The center will welcome the delegates of nations under its roof for peace, like the motto of Senegal “One People, One Goal, One Faith”.

  • Location

    Dakar, Senegal

  • Architect

    Tabanlıoğlu Architects

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