Tripoli Congress Center

Tripoli Congress Center, located in Libya, contains the first and most modern congress hall in the center of Tripoli with a capacity of 3000 people. The Convention Hall signifies the spirit of its homeland and claims to establish a physical relation with the global community.An exclusive feature of this building is the fact that it has world’s second largest media mesh screen. Lighting design focuses on the light and shadow effect which lets the structure of the building come forward. It makes people sense a focal point by directing their eyes by also making them experience the texture, dimension, and a distinct perspective.

A semi-transparent perimeter like a “shield” of bronze mesh application covers the building, protecting the inner glass walls. The metal mesh walls have incised patterns that were inspired by the trees that surround the site. They permit controlled daylight and diffuse direct sunlight into the central space. Lighting design of the façade is derived from highlighting the uniqueness of the cladding system by using LED linear light sources. Additionally, the interior light emitted from the mesh façade creates a soft façade illumination.

Interior lighting evokes the feeling of magnificence with the back-lit fusion glass walls. The balance of light and shadow is carefully practiced in order to achieve transparency in the public space by also providing necessary privacy in areas where state affairs take place.

  • Location

    Tripoli, Libya

  • Architect

    Tabanlıoğlu Architects

  • Status


  • Area

    25000 m²

  • Tags

    Middle East


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