The Zorlu Center is at the junction of the Bosphorus Bridge European connection and the Büyükdere axis that connects the city center with the business district Maslak. With its easy access from important centers of Istanbul, it is also one of the few sites that face south, with the old city view making it a ‘subject of desire’ and was owned by the Zorlu Property through a tender, being curiously watched by the public. The mixed use project being developed on this area deals with contradictions such as grandeur and modesty, public and private, institutional and domestic, social and distinguished, together with structural and topographical considerations.

The ground is reconstructed by a topographical interpretation, with a kind of shell that is transformed into an in-between layer for the different functions combined in the complex. The shell starts from the Boulevard Levelrising towards south and east.

It is split into two arms separated by level differences, in order to overcome the dichotomy between the private and the public.

The Piazza surrounded by the retail units creates an alternative public space. The activity stairs direct the public down to the interior mall that also has another direct entrance on the south. The retail level below has asubway connection and includes the cinemas, a gourmet marketand leisure platforms.

The highly professional Performance Arts Center of 2300 people capacity has an entrance amphi as a continuation of the Public Square and the Piazza.The terrace flats under the shell have large gardens and terraces enjoying the Bosphorus view. The rest of the residential units form three identical towers, the fourth of which is a hotel. One of theprominent goals of the project was to enhance public life in a completely private land by the help of free porosity and outer space articulations.